What We Do?

We provide specialized consulting and contracting services focused on systems. From owner representation, project management, construction services to commercial management, contract administration and claims; our breadth of expertise covers every step of the process, including but not limited to, concept design, and multiple systems and overall packages integration to planned migration of services for a seamless and cutting-edge result.We have the specialized knowledge to provide you with the right answers and the right experience to help you ask the right questions so that we can assist you in getting the optimum results.


Syscontech can provide tailored services to End-Users, Clients, preferred Contractors, and our partner affiliates. Our customized programs can range from a selected mix of specialist elements or a complete end-to-end solution within the parameters of a project schedule. We specialize in Information Communication, Technology, Special Systems and Security solutions. We demonstrate unrivaled expertise in the areas of collaboration, coordination, and integration.


Syscontek is committed to becoming the recognized leading Consultant in the Middle East Security and ICT Market. We are achieving this by bringing together a multinational team of specialists with experience in USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East; we have built a world-class team through which we can deliver industry best practice to our clients. Our flexible support plans provide clients with the ability to choose the best mix of preventative maintenance and emergency response, with the option for fully comprehensive multi-year extended warranty on all equipment.


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Working hours

Sunday - Thursday : 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

We are here

Marriott Marquis City Center, Suite 412, West Bay City Center-Omar Al Mukhtar St. P.O. Box 21408, West Bay, Doha, Qatar
Email: info@syscontek.com