Our Projects

Founded in Thailand in 2013, the SYSCONTEK team has realized and provided services and solutions for more than thirty projects globally of varying complexity and size, and have spanned 10 different cultures and countries six airports, two seaports, a hospital, and a smart city

Our corporate headquarters was established in 2017 in the City of Dallas, Texas, where we will be taking our expertise back to the USA.

In southeast Asia, our Thailand office is the regional headquarters for our ASEAN projects including, Lao PDR and Vietnam,

Check out our Project References to find all the details of each project we delivered.

Contact Us

  • 1 (682) 292-9288
  • 1 (830) 688-4898
  • 1 (682) 203-0416
  • allan.callo@syscontek.com
  • 3090 Nowitzki Way Ste 300
    Dallas, TX 75210
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